Art By Anne O’Sullivan

About The Artist

When I was at school, anything creative would make my heart beat faster. I probably started off painting many years ago in response to difficult situations in my life. I’ve always said that while some people paint their way into a corner, I paint my way out of one.

As a working mother, much of my artwork narrates this experience. My content hovers around the traditional trifecta – still life, portrait and landscape. However, narrative artwork seems to be a developing theme. Through my artwork, I aim to achieve authenticity, a true reflection of my reality or imagination, by combination and manipulation of visual imagery. Recently, people have looked at my artwork and said ‘I know how you feel.’ I am interested in experimenting with colour, light and luminosity. In the past, I have made forays into other Art media, but I always return to painting. So far, no other Art media can beat that primal contact with a canvas.

‘Serious Artwork’

Garden of Earthly Delights

Artwork For Children

Sailing Boat and Pirate

Artwork With Children

Painting 48 Original

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